Cyber Threat Be Gone – Internship Program

Accepting applications for Winter, Spring, Summer and Fall

Company Description

Cyber Threat Be Gone is a full-service cyber security company focused on identifying and mitigating cyber risks in small and medium sized companies (SMBs) throughout the Houston area. When it comes to IT security infrastructure, we believe that SMBs are inherently high risk and under-served due to the enormous costs of existing cyber security solutions. We solve this challenge through our managed cyber security subscriptions and professional solutions.. Learn more at


Internship Positions available: 

  • Technical Analyst
  • Monitoring Specialist
  • Sales
  • Training
  • Telemarketer
  • Marketing


Technical Analyst & Monitoring Specialist Position Overview:

Duration:  Up to 5 months

The technical analyst focus areas are in the realm of information technology security including but not limited to performance and analysis of client business operations, process, people, technology, vulnerability assessments and threat monitoring.  In addition, learn key aspects of threat intelligence, Next-gen Endpoint Protection, Content Filtering and SIEM monitoring, alerting and reporting.    Internship eligible to receive college credit.

2 positions are available:  Part time – 20-30 hours/week; Full time – 40 hours/week.

Key Learning areas & Specific Roles & Responsibility

  • Document assessment methodology (Penetration, VA, Web)
  • Develop policy & procedures
  • Document threat intelligence methodology
  • Build assessment tool box on environment for testing
  • Research new security technologies and latest threats
  • Develop threat model matrix
  • Deliver vulnerability assessment and website testing for select clients
  • Develop report templates and client engagement reports
  • Perform threat Intelligence monitoring across Endpoint, Web Filtering & SIEM alerts
  • Presentation development for trainings
  • Attend Security Awareness Training Sessions
  • Write 1 technical paper

Minimum Qualifications:

  • Wants to work in a startup environment
  • College Degree or in progress
  • Previous infosec experience encouraged but not required
  • Has flexible schedule

Submit resume and informal note to explaining why you’re a great candidate for the position.   



Sales, Training, Telemarketer, Marketing Overview:

Duration: 90 days

Minimum requirements:  available at least 20 hours per week, B.S. degree (graduate or student), highly motivated, great interpersonal skills, eager to learn. Internships are unpaid and are typically 90 days duration. 50% of interns receive job offers upon completion. Part time positions are paid on hourly basis and are 12-20 hours/week.


Position Overview

Houston’s average SMB owner or manager is not educated in cyber security nor the drastic effect improper security controls can have on a business and its functionality. A key to our success is breaking down cyber security from a complex idea to a business-centric requirement. The sales assistant’s focus is to maximize education and awareness through events, social media, networking, and in-person engagements.  Part time – 10-20 hours/week; Full time – 40 hours/week.

Specific Roles & Responsibility

  • Develop pre-awareness tools to educate, train, and inform potential clients of cyber security
  • Build education platforms through various presentation mediums
  • Develop marketing content i.e. handouts, videos, surveys, etc.
  • Speak publicly at 2+ events per month – focus cyber security awareness and education
  • Attend 4+ networking events per week
  • Write 1 white paper concerning the importance of cyber security to SMBs
  • 50% of time spent in office environment; 50% of time spent in social environments

Description of the Sales Assistant:

dynamic, approachable, enjoys meeting people, eager to learn, enjoys the thrill of “sales,” works well in unpredictable environments, adapts easily, able to travel (in/around Houston), is not afraid of public speaking, picks up new skills quickly, cool & calm in uncertain times, has wheels, flexible schedule.

Minimum Qualifications:

  • Wants to work in a startup environment
  • College Degree
  • Previous sales experience encouraged but not required
  • Has wheels and has flexible schedule (some speaking engagements may be at night)


Submit resume and informal note to explaining why you’re a great candidate for the position.