(VIDEO) Hey guys, did you know it’s Cybersecurity Awareness Month and Cyber Threat Be Gone
wants to make sure you know the top three ways that you can protect yourself or your business. Listen, the top three things are simple. What you gotta do is you gotta understand that ransomware is the number one way that people are getting hacked all across the world. The best thing that you can do to protect yourself is back up your computers on a very regular basis. Number two. Phishing attacks still eighty million of them a day after 20 years are still number one way that people are putting their personal information out of the internet. You get an email you don’t know where it’s coming from, what it’s relating to delete it immediately. And number three conduct a Business Risk Assessment to know what assets are critical that would go down if you got hacked that would keep you from doing business on regular basis. Listen, we need a little bit more help from you to understand how we can help you most. So go to our website, check out our cyber risk assessment. Take the two minutes to figure out if you’re #CyberStrong or not and we’ll be waiting standby to help you out thank you and have a great day.